Your partner for water treatment parts and equipment


ETSE (EQUIPMENT-TRADING - SERVICES - ENGINEERING) offers a wide range of technical products, specific equipment and services in the following areas :

  • Parts and specific equipment for water treatment (Municipal and Industrial)
  • Media : consumable raw materials for filtration, deodorisation, aeration and other specific applications
  • Compact skid : CLEAN'O® skid mounted drinking water production unit


Our network of manufacturers and our experience of the industrial environment (boilermaking - plastics - composite materials - concrete prefabrication - mining industries) enables us to offer you a range of parts and specific equipment to meet your technical requirements.

We advise you on the choice of equipment and offer you a comprehensive multiservice package (design - equipment supply - specific packaging - logistics - commissioning - site or assembly supervision).

With over 15 years' experience in the management of the manufacture of industrial parts, we can offer you a wide range of equipment and parts that are adaptable to all types of processes and facilities :


  • FILTRATION : filter nozzles/strainers (all types, all standards), strainer networks and drainage systems, filter floors (composite and concrete), reagents dosing system, boilermaking (metal and plastic), etc...
  • REGULATION : mechanical regulating systems (SC/SCM-type siphon), etc., DE 25 and DE 40 partialization boxes, C3A1-type air valves, filter water inlet valve, gravitational dosing systems and static mixers).
  • CLARIFICATION : specific profiled lamellar plates for clarifying wastewater and drinking water (adaptable for any installation or any type of clarifier), basin bottom scrapers (azobe), chain scraper systems, circular or rectangular launders, pulsator plates, micro-perforated membranes / sleeves for aeration, etc...
  • MEDIA : sand and gravel, pumice , anthracite, GEH (granular ferric hydroxide), Granulex-type expanded schist, limestone, MN02, etc...
  • COMPACT SKID : CLEAN'O® skid mounted drinking water production unit.